Isnin, 22 April 2013

Pantai Jerejak visit

PENANG, 22 April - Pantai Jerejak is a middle-class residential area in Sungai Nibong, Penang. The name was given after the fact that it's beach was facing Jerejak Island, a once famous island for exiled prisoners. Eventhough the area is small, there is a lot of interesting lifestories of the people I managed to observe during my visit there.

This morning I had a chance to have breakfast in East 'n' West Restaurant and met a few local citizens. Afterwards I visited Bayan Baru Market Complex, where most of the food stalls' operators are chinese, yet our difference does not make us enemies. We can sit together and share stories. When asked their opinion about the current Pakatan Rakyat government, the response was positive.

at Bayan Baru Market Complex

Next thing on my schedule was to visit Sungai Nibong Gospel Hall, a kindergarten and opposite to it was an autism education centre. In the kindergarten, we managed to meet a few teachers there. In the autism centre, we met the person in charge of the centre. She invited us to look around the precinct and met some of the autistic children. The centre was having some problem to put up a signboard, despite their effort to help these children. Her contribution and enthusiasm in helping these children has inspired me to give more to the people whom I have served, and will continue to serve, for the better future. 

at Sungai Nibong Gospel Hall

at Autisme Education Centre


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